Audit Application
Why I need to do this?
As part of the Cocoa Policy, The Rainforest Alliance introduces a new risk-based audit allocation system by June 2020. This means that the Rainforest Alliance will allocate specific Certification Bodies to conduct each certificate holder audit. This tool has been developped by Rainforest Alliance to allow Certificate Holders in Ivory Coast and Ghana to apply for an audit for the 2020-2021 certification cycle.
What does the tool do? And what it does not do?
This tool is going to collect your Group Member Registry and check if any information is missing at this stage or entered in the wrong format.
If your Group Member Registry is approved by the system, it means that you are allowed to go for an audit for the certification cycle 2020-2021 and that we have taken your application into account.
However, it does not mean that your Group Member Registry is compliant with our standards. The whole compliance of the registry will be checked by the Certification Body before and during the audit.
Which will be the next steps after the application completed?
Rainforest Alliance will allocate a Certification Body for your audit. The result of this allocation will be communicated to you and the Certification Body chosen within 2 weeks after your audit application has been validated by the tool. Please note that it can take up to 6 weeks between your application and the actual audit.
No GMR File Template?
Do not have GMR File Template? You can download the template here.